50 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD

Berikut ini adalah 50 contoh soal bahasa Inggris kelas 3 Sekolah Dasar (SD).

  1. Look at the picture! What is this?
    a. that is a table
    b. that is a window
    c. that is a door
    d. that is a wall
  2. Look at the picture! what is this?
    rulera. that is a book
    b. that is a pencil
    c. that is a ruler
    c. that is a blackboard
  3. Using “an” … for the following word!
    a. window
    b. table
    c. apple
    d. bag
  4. Is this a pencil?
    a. No, this is a pencil
    b. No, that is not a pencil
    c. yes, that is not a pencil
    d. No, that are a pencils
  5. 21 – 5 = …
    a. Nineteen
    b. Eighteen
    c. Seventeen
    d. Teen
  6. (26 ) It is number …
    a. Twenty four
    b. Twenty six
    c. Twenty seven
    d. Twenty nine
  7. White in Indonesian is …
    a. Merah
    b. Putih
    c. Hitam
    d. Hijau
  8. This is a spinach. Please translate into Indonesian …
    a. Ini adalah bayam
    b. Ini adalah wortel
    c. Ini adalah kubis
    d. Ini adalah kacang
  9. Is that a bag ?
    a. Yes, that is a bag
    b. Yes, this a bag
    c. Yes, that is not a bag
    d. No, that is a bag
  10. Bird in Indonesian is …
    a. burung
    b. kelinci
    c. monyet
    d. kerbau
  11. Wednesday, … , friday
    a. thursday
    b. wednesday
    c. tuesday
    d. saturday
  12. There are … days in a week
    a. seven
    b. six
    c. ten
    d. twelve
  13. The day before Wednesday is …
    a. Thursday
    b. Wednesday
    c. Tuesday
    d. Saturday
  14. The month before May is …
    a. March
    b. August
    c. April
    d. December
  15. The month after August is …
    a. October
    b. September
    c. November
    d. July

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