Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Expressing Granting Request

A. Pengertian.

Sebelum melihat beberapa contoh dialog bahasa Inggris Granting Request, marilah kita pahami dulu pengertiannya. Expressing Granting Request adalah sebuah ekspresi kalimat untuk mengabulkan permintaan orang lain yang biasanya diekspresikan dengan kata: Certainly, Alright, I’ll do my best.

B. Contoh Granting Request.

GUEST: Hello.
CONCIERGE*: Good day, Madam. How may I help you?
GUEST: Would you be able to get me two tickets to a music concert in the area tonight?
CONCIERGE: I will certainly do my best. What kind of music concert would you like to attend?
GUEST: Classical or rap.
CONCIERGE: Alright. I can get you tickets to the symphony tonight, if you don’t mind sitting on the balcony level. Unfortunately, it’s too a bit too late to get tickets for tonight’s Lil Jon show. It’s completely sold out.
GUEST: Lil Jon is in town? You’re kidding. Are you sure you can’t get me a pass? I’ll pay extra.
CONCIERGE: Well, hmm. Occasionally, concert tickets are held for the hospitality industry – in case there is interest from VIP’s. If you would like I can speak to my contact at the venue, and see if we can find you two held tickets – although they would be quite expensive.
GUEST: That would be wonderful. If not, I guess I’ll take the symphony balcony tickets. Would you mind finding out for me tonight’s symphony program as well?
CONCIERGE: Certainly. I will call your room within the next hour with some answers. What is your room number?
GUEST: I’m in 43.
CONCIERGE: Thank you, Madam. I do hope that we can assist you.

*) A “consierge” adalah seseorang yang bertugas di hotel yang dibayar untuk memenuhi permintaan khusus seperti mengatur penyimpanan barang bawaan, tour atau tiket hiburan lainnya.

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