What's the Advantage of Learning English?

What is the advantage of learning English language?

This is My story:

Today I wanna tell about my story, my experience and my Impression concerning learning English language. Some people say that it’s no advantage to learn English language, because our mother language is Indonesia. But, I don’t think so. I got so many experiences with that.

First. When I was senior high school. I represented my school in English debate with my group. Even though we didn’t get first position, but it gave me many experiences. I got many friends and my first ex girl. ^_^

Second. I’m not from a rich family, so I had to struggle to continue my study to University. I have no job experience. All I have that time was conviction. I looked for a job to get more income. My lucky, I had been accepted in English course for a teacher. Not much money I could get from there, but it was meaningful for me.

Third. I was living in Islamic dormitory in Yogyakarta for 8 years. With my little skill in English, I had been chosen as a chief of English department in that dormitory. I got many experiences in organizing people.

Fourth. After graduated from University, I tried to look for another job. Hoping get better life with a new job. Fortunately, there was job vacancy at supreme court in 2009. of course I didn’t miss it. I applied that vacancy and followed the test. guess what? there were some question about English language. And alhamdulilah yah…something…. I have been bureaucrat in MA for 4 years. Now, I have a house and my own car (although I still owe). I don’t mean to show off, instead I wish it could give you a motivation to keep learning English language to get your better life in the future.

Actually it’s not the end of my story about advantage of learning English language, still many stories to be told here. What about yours?

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